Sunday, October 16, 2005

Power of the Subconscious

Here goes, the power of the subconscious....

The things we believe about ourselves and the world around us will always manifest in our reality. If we are convined for whatever reason, that we are unimportant, we will not only live our lives as if we are unimportant, but we will also expect others to treat us without respect.

Anything we learn or experience in life is stored in our subconscious mind. We see the world through our belief filter. E.g., believing that "I am unworthy", will result in everything that you face in life processed in this belief filter. So U don't believe it if someone tells u that ur work is good. If your belief is a negative one, you will never give yourself the chance of balancing the negativity through positive experiences. Your subconscious negative belief will not allow you to do so.

So..what should be do?? Have our own affirmation statements. Short, positive sentences that give us a lift. E.g., I can be relax, calm and happy as I undertake this hard essay!!

Well, that affirmative statement is for me! :) I think sometimes, we beat ourselves up much too hard. It could come from our past where our parents tell us that nothing we do is not good enough, or whatever it is. And these experiences, most of the time, makes us question ourselves. Especially during moments of stress. So, having positive statements in our mind, can serve to boost our ego, and more importantly, give us FAITH in ourself. Ain't this such an important lesson?!! Having faith in ourself! KITA BOLEH!!

Right, time to move my ass and start on my essay!! :)

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