Monday, October 30, 2006


It's been a very long time since I last really sat down and reflected and really gave some space to myself. I have merely been doin things without really thinkingand at other times, I have only been procrastinating (which adds to the stress..cos of impeding deadlines). I haven been doing enough for the families I am working with. I really need to lean how to manage my own time so that I don't become so stressed. If I manage my time wisely, I will also be able to get more free time for myself wic is really important. I must learn how to do my work effectively and efficiently. No point procrastinating. Partialize things that needs to be done. And DO IT when it needs to be done without procrastinating. Do it well so that I won't ned to waste my time doing corrections.
I need to also learn not to be too tough on myself. Need to give myself time to adapt and learn. At the end of the day, I need to remember that work will never end. But just give your best and no regrets. Tommorrow shall be a better day and a new start :)

I also think that I haven treated / considered myself well and in a way, it affects my confidence. The increase in my weight (oh yesh has sky rocketed) is affecting me. But I think I have become less proactive these days. Gone are the days where I would get off my bum and do something about it. But it/s not the end as yet. Life is a continuous journey.

Lately, dunno why I am feeling rather lonely in all these busy-NESS. Sounds like an oxy-moron but it's truly how I feel at certain points of the day. How do I solve this problem? It's a nagging feeling at times which sometimes drive me mad.

I think i also haven taken stock of the good things that have happened in my life and allowing the negative thoughts to get to me. I shall learn how to live with life's OKs. I dun need the high highs to feel wonderful. I shall learn how to be contented with the simple, day to day adventures and beauty that life brings me. This does not mean I am settling. Or Does it??? Adulthood and work, is really making me question and tampering my idealistic beliefs.