Thursday, April 26, 2007


I learnt that :

1. I got to stand up for myself
2. Concentrate and put my efforts at my own work cos' I will have to stand up for my work
3. Hard work and Iron clad determination pays off.. I learnt that.. Now to internalise that..
4. I cannot work for a person.. I need to work for a department and for myself..
5. Tired.. Need to sleep!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Good Weekend

This weekend was a good weekend... I did not touch any of my work on Sat and only started on Sun evening.. that I feel, did wonders... I am smiling more now.. Oh goodness.. and the pedicure I had just now was jus fantabulous.. ahhhhh... hehhe...

I did some smart things also this week... Was reading, Swimming with the Sharks without being eaten alive.. by Harvey Mackay and it has given me some inputs on how I wanna go about with work...

I think @ the end of the day, It feels good to know I did a good work to the best of my abilities.. and from now on, I shall not only know what I need to do, but get off my butt to do it.. Lesser time walking around in the office, more chop chop doing things.. and more planning.. so I do not waste precious time!!!

Heard from boss that I got a new case tommorrow.. wow.. what can I say? Let the work begin!!