Saturday, April 29, 2006


I think I am a TURKEY!! Yeah that is what I consider myself.. A turkey.. Why? I know what I am supposed to do.. But i decide not to face it.. I dunno why.. But i am reallllliiiii lazy ok this semester in studying for my exams.. Oh goodness. and Then what happen?? I panic.. I distract myself ... I panic... and finally ok.. i get started.. But alhamdulilah.. I have been reali lucky that I get that spark at the 11th hour.. Super the lucky..

Ok and on the exams itself.. I haven been able to properly complete ANY of my exam paper lah.. Every single paper i sat not finish!! Arrghh!! Why why why?? WHere is my bloody time management lah.. Wat the crappy gading ding.. Shitty fied man... For my crisis rite.. I did not complete lah.. For my gender I didnt complete (but this one not so bad..) and then for my mental health today... TOOOOOtaly bad time management ... I left my compulsory qn for later (worth 40 marks by the way) and I only attempted it at the last 30 mins.. Arrghh.. Briliant lah not finished again!!

Ok... So have I learnt my lesson?? No I still think I am a turkey lah.. I got geron paper on Tue which I haven started at all.. and I onli got a freaking B can for my CA.. B... aaggh!! And looking at the things i need to do.. Lagi make me feel like a turkey.. So much to do!! Anyone feeling hungry.. I know it ain't christmas yet.. But anyone wanna slaughter me??

Arafah.. kick my ass again pls.. cos after you told me to study i actually did.. hahhaa :)

(**thinking.. what sound does a turkey make?** Plonk Plonk? Bloog bog bog??)
Agghh I need to get started.. I need to get started.. Kenape ni Firdawati ?? WHy why why?? U siao ah?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Worry Wot

Seriously I tik i am a worry wot!! I am such such such such a worry wot la.. But I am very very thankful that the people around me are very kind and understanding of the fact that I do get very 'kancheong spider' at times.. But truth be told.. I just externalise my worry cos' I dun like to keep things in my system.. So after running around like a 'headless chicken', I am ok.. Haiz.. hahahhaa But I got to stop doin that and get a grip on things.. Tommorrow is my mental health paper.. I am not that confident of it tho' but i need to get my tot's together and try to do my best....

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Will make it a short entry cos' I actually need to study... The retail therapy was soooo therapeutic!! hahha It lasted for onli 20 mins but oh my goodness.. the feeling of buying something then paying... Oh wow.. especially if it's make-up!! I bought a new mascara and design face colour.. hahah i wanted a highlighter n bronzer all in one and this fits perfectly well.. But yeah I am soooo super broke!

Yeah!!! Things are going well.. I am soooo thankful for the supportive people around me.. and something clicked in my head which my mum said to me long time ago...'Only your parents and the people who truly care can be truly happy for your success'.. How true..