Friday, June 09, 2006

Almost the end of the week

I really had a nice time today.. Started the morning takin my photo.. After which I met Mushi in Payar Lebar... Nope I didn't drive and hence didn't get lost... Farnie thing happen .. I dropped my clam chowder onto Mushi's socks.. hahhahaa.. shall put up the pic of that soon..

On to my holiday in Bali...I had a very good time.. Unadulterated free time with my family.. I swam, went to visit the mountains (kintamani).. had some delicious food.. and well it's back to home..

Will be starting work on Monday.. First day of work.. since it's the first day of work.. dad said that he will send me so that I will not be late.. Haiz..I dun think I will be driving to work for some time.. Dun have parking subsidy (transponder) I think... to park there for 6-7 hrs while working.. wah how much will that cost..hum.. gotto find that one out.. humm.. dunno why but there are times that I feel very scared about starting work.. will I like it there? can I manage? I guess the questions are very natural since working will be a new experience..

Oh.. and cleaning my room.. it ain't so bad now.. but it is still messy.. dunno why lah but I just hate cleaning oh so much!!! and I have this very bad tendency of not throwing things away... like karang guni.. everything also I wanna keep..