Friday, December 02, 2005


Nah nothing x-rated about this entry. Just didn't know what to call this entry otherwise. Its funny how I no longer feel so tired, angry, sad, confused or jus shitty after the exams.

This semester exams truly have sapped me. It has sapped me from myself. I have become another person I think. While on the exterior everything seemed all fine and well, in actual fact I was really trying very hard to pull everything, and myself together. Sad. Very sad. Doing that took energy away from actually doing my papers and exams properly. I really didn't feel like my answers reflected what I actually know. But its all been said and done.. all I can do now is pray, and Insya Allah, everything will turn out fine, by some twist of miracle.

I really want to do the way I do things next semester. I really feel glad that I have found what I really want to do.. (shuush!! Cannot tell...I hope its really what I want!)

Well..things are over, I shall not let all that has gone wrong be a shadow for me. Especially if I still get to do next semester.

After my last paper, had a nice lunch with Mushi who battled (studied) with me, and hannah.. Was fun just talking without looking at the time to go back to studying...

And it was so brilliant going Last minute jalan raya on Friday with jjc girls. 10 of them seh!! hahah yeah yeah very last minute but terribly fun! I missed jus having haha fun! Yeepie!

Things to do..
1. Get a full body massage
2. Get a nice facial
3. Clean up my room which is getting way too messy for me (a very bad sign)
4. Rest, Relax, and prepare for next semester!

A line that my mum said to me in the car after we were debating on something, which my father agreed...
"You can be humble, but don't put yourself down! You have been putting yourself down too often recently!"

Opps..given the context it does make sense was pondering about it. I kept quiet after that..Hai love my parents for making sense and saying things in my face.. Love the confidence that my upbringing has given me. The sense that I can do anything that I want. Thank you MUM and DAD!

Going shopping with mum tommorrow!!