Monday, May 08, 2006


It's been really swell post-exams.. I have never spent so much time (really free, unadultarated-i am not thinking of some other things) with my family... and of course when I mean family, it means people who matter (there are some people who unfortunately are by blood related to me, but I dun realli have any affections for them)... Anyway.... Friday started well.. I had lunch/brunch with Mushi .. We had soooo much Japanese food.. and obviously after spending so much money, I got broke.. hahah and Mushi too.. so next time I go out, I will need to eat Long John; no upsize... Blah... I need cash man... Wld probably do some "Last Min" English Tuition stint.. hahaha can charge a lot for that... Oh yeah... I saw this reallliiiiii nice black stileto (covered) with small dimonte on it.. real georgeous I tell you.. Oh so ..Swooonz kind of georgeous... I LIKE LIKE... But it's 60+ so yeah.. rite now, It's way above my budget.. Anyway Mushi.. Thanks so much for spending nice and quality time with me!! It's so sweet to be studying together and then enjoying the end of the exams together.. gEREK!! :)

Saturday, was another swell day.. Started with brunch/lunch (ok.. so you can see that I can't wake up before 11.. I just can't get out of the bed!! Dunno why.. Perhaps gravity is strongest in the morning?? That's a theory??) at Lot One with Wak Oyah (her real name I dun reali know), Sandrin, my Nonoi, Kak Ikin and her family and my grandparents.. Was real nice I tell you.. Quite fun to start the first meal with so much people, so much food and so much laughter.. After lunch we went to go 'sightseeing' for house for my Nonoi.. and after that.. went back to my place for more hot gossip, yacking, eating, drinking coffee, tea, ribena... talk talk talk.. and then in the later part of the afternoon, we all went to BOWLING... hey, i realised I aint that bad at it.. Dun go into Lonkang ever so often man!! Brilliant! After bowling went back home to Indian food (Mum had pre-called Indian food to be sent over).. we had tulang, mee, mutton chop... yummy.. and then after tat we yaked and yaked some more.. Well... that was real real nice!!!

Sunday.. was another day I spent quality time with my mother.. Went out early with her.. and we made a stopover to shop a little bit (her more than me!) and then we went to pick up my little brother from swimming..after which, we went back, had lunch.. and I taught my brother a little English.. This lil' Peep Squeek is so lazy i tell you!! It's amazing!! Just spend time talking talking after that, watch TV.. and then mum and dad went out to get dinner for us.... then went home and we chat over dinner..

In short, I LURRVVVBBBEEE it, I love spending time with people who make me feel happy... I love spending time with all these marvelous people over the weekend.. Let's do it soon.. :) I love the fact that my mum feels happy spending time with her family.. And tonite..going to send my Auntie off... I've never realli spent so much time with her, and yet, I feel that somehow, I've known her for so long..

On another note.. My brain cells have been hibernating for a bit too long.. they ain't here anymore.. Amacam ni??!! hahah But I can't wait to go out...later.. with my F A M I L Y!!
And then on wednesday I got a social work gathering.. Yeah!! That should be fun...