Tuesday, June 19, 2007

State of OK

Something just dawned on me as I was writing my report... No no... I wasn't slogging over it.. It's mostly done ... left one tiny part which I am taking my own sweet time to do.. Anyway, back to the earlier thought... I just realised that I have an issue dealing with the "ok" moments in my life. You know the moments where it ain't particularly rah-rah- or particularly sad... It's when you feel everything is moving normally... at an alright speed and you can handle it... Why ah I wonder? Do I like drama so much?? ANd if so why? Cos when things are alright, I tend to want more!!! Don't get me wrong it's not that I am not contented... I am ... I just want more.. More...

Haiz... okok... So, some people in the office have been saying that I am very Teh.. and that I can get away with things... But I really don't think so you know...!!!