Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Me Back!!

Well, I just can't help it! I just had to have somewhere where I can ventilate out what I am currently reading...so..what is it?


Come on, everyone knows I am such a sucker for self-help books. But this book, got me all excited, so .. this blog shall serve as a summary 'book' of what I have read and learnt!! Here goes........

(pg 26) Positive Living Through Positive Thinking

To lead a happy life, you need to:
- take responsibility for your own well-being
- strive for the best possible relationships (partner, friends) in your life
- leave detrimental ones
- strive to be truly yourself
- understand what makes you tick
- have time for yourself
- do things that give meaning to your life

In short, WE need to be the ones creating the environment to realise our true potential. If we do that, we leave very little room for blaming others, even though they may be to blame for our happiness in the first place. Life is not fair, and therefore, we need to get on with our life, with what we have right NOW!!

Some people we have around, may be bad for you and we have to leave them behind because they make us feel unhappy or stop us from being ourselves. Others, may have done us damage financially or physicallt. After you leave them all behind, only can you move on..
Ain't this such a true true and important lesson to learn? How many times have we kept on holding to a dying friendship. Living in the past? Trying to maintain communication lines open only for the other party not to reciprocate? How many times have we met people who question us, not have faith in us, even though we put them on a pedestal? Well, as I always truly believe, frienships and relationships are meant to be simple, kept simple. Anything that is detrimental or too complicated, should be put aside or thown outside. I am not propagating perfection. No one is perfect, and I myself, have stopped trying to be. But if someone is hurting you more than making you happy, absent more than available..its time to ponder and reflect what all these is doing to you.

next up, the power of the subconcious...


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Popeye the Sailorman said...

What you say is very true indeed. I agree with you wholeheartedly!

Anonymous said...

"Anything that is detrimental or too complicated, should be put aside or thrown outside" ---hmmm???

Things that are complicated lead to questioning, questioning leads to some kind of self-awareness. Wont u agree?

I'm sure u have heard of the phrase, "dont read beauty magazines cos they only make you feel ugly". Likewise, throw out those self-help books cos they only make you feel you need help. And you dont!

You just need to Live.

wati said...

Wow Anonymous, whoever you are, I think your comment has made some sense although I don't really agree to everything that you said. Well, I do agree for one that "I just need to live" and that beauty mags which make one feel ugly should be thrown out.
Self-help books make me ponder. There are some things which I don't agree with and so, I don't take the whole thing in, line and sinker. Just the parts that appeal to me. In my opinion, everyone needs a little help sometimes and with the whole ra-ra ness of life, this self-help book, enables me to pause for a while and, like what you say, remind me to just live!

Good point tho - complication leads to questioning which leads to self-awareness! (after which, can it be chucked aside? :) )