Friday, October 21, 2005

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Picture meant to show jus how a nerd I am. Posing in the library!! :)



Kak Ikin said...

Woi! Takde kecik lagi ke gambar tu!


Fi! Your baju kurung, the colour will be similar to mine I think. But sorry hor, not really pink cos Wak Ani said she'll pukul me if I take more pinks. Dia cakap kepala dia pening, mata kerro.


fifi said...

hahhaha realli.. Oh the one that my mum bought with u is it. I dunno whether to wear that one on the first day or to wear the others which were meant for previous years but I haven worn yet. but still shades of pink. wakakkakaa.. but nevermind lah can take pics together gether!!
Oh malas nak resize lah!

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