Saturday, October 22, 2005

Have Faith

Why have faith? To remind myself that I should have faith in myself. So basically this sudden 'recollection' of faith occured cos' my group's computing project turned out to be a top ten out of god knows how many...
Date: 21/10/2005 09:57:00 PM
Instructors' Announcements
The 10 Best Projects
Congratulations to students who submitted the following projects!
Please email YANG Yinping and inform her if you would present in LT or on website.
In alphabetical order, the best projects are:
A Unified Electronic Medical Database in Singapore
"Being Singaporean and Representing Singapore": The Internet and National Identity
Camera Phone Trouble and Singapore Law
Cyber-Counseling in Singapore
Introspections, Retrospections and Perceptions of ICT in Tourism.
Laptop + Lecture = Attention or Distraction
Pervasiveness, Perceptions and Regulations of Cyberloafing - a Singapore Context
Role of ICT in the Singapore Armed Forces
The Web Voice in NKF Incident
Would You Date Me? An Inquiry and Review of Online Dating Services

It should be quite clear which one was my group's rite... So anyway, guess what, all my group members declared this subject S/U, which also means pass or fail. U don't get a grade no matter how you do..unless you fail of course. While the first breath of news was greeted with shock, whine and more whine (Azeanni got a FULL blow of it. why? cos' need to present mah and so much work for something that isn't graded) I came to the conclusion that all this is a lesson in disguise, a good lesson. Why? cos' it just means that everything is possible (except for some like fixing a computer, tyre, or running 3 km..which maybe all of that is still possible? wldn't know till I tried). And the fear of a foreign module no longer haunts me (cos' I got an F for a biophysics module which pulled my cap so so low). So this module has given me bitter sweet memories (!! I can't even believe I said that!!!). Not everything foreign is impossible..

So.. If at first you don't succeed, dust it off and try again!

And.. I can slack for this paper's exam and concentrate on my social work modules!! Hurrah!!


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Anonymous said...

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Popeye the Sailorman said...


wati said...

Thank you Popeye and well Cleo, glad there is something of interest. I thought i am only amusing to myself! hahaha

andrea la said...

Steady la wadeee....


Now, when are we gonna start this "just lunch" thing?

hhahahah! I cant wait!

wati said...

I know the 'just lunch' thing good rite, but wait lah.. hahaha not yet.. hold ur horses...neeeiggghh!!!

linda said...

all in favor of me giving wadi's blog a revamp, instead of just a plain template, say I.....

Andrea...u should know the answer to this.

wati said...

hahahha.. why? I thought plain nice. But then if u up to changing my template and u dun mind changing it for me, and u dun mind it to be pink!! I no sweat?? How?? Wanna take up the offer??

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