Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Today, Is a BOO!! day for me. BOO!! day!

What is a Boo!! Day?
A Boo day happens when you realised you onli got a B for an essay that you stayed so many nights for. That you thought you did a good work for. That you were proud for. All I can say is at least I tried. But not even a B+?? Ceh!! Haiya.. I guess I expect a lot from myself. But logical what for that amount of effort. But this experience has really woke me up from my 'sleepy-head' syndrome.

sleepy-head syndome: falling asleep all the time. giving in to my lazy demands and giving myself siesta (short-naps) breaks..

Ok..continuing the Boo!! day. So why is today a Boo day? Cos' I have a 12 hr day today..starting at 9 am and finishing onli at 9 pm. Guess what, I didn't bring my phone. So later at 3, I wldn't know if I can actually have anyone in school that I can chat or have a break with. In short, Boo!!

So I go, talking, ventilating, and most importantly, Booing at how everything is going today.. but guess wat, jus saw 3 of my social work friends and they sitting beside me... hahaha and I can't be bothered to erase this entry. hahaha

Now I think I sound mad!!


Anonymous said...

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Popeye the Sailorman said...

Don't despair ya? You can try harder next time. I know you can!

wati said...

Thank you Popeye. Yup, will try harder. Like the song: "if at first you don't succeed, dust it off and try again..."