Friday, September 21, 2007

The Measure of a Man - What is life about?

I've been very tired and very draggy for the past few weeks.... It was only till I took a short break away and slept my days away that I rejuvenated myself. Have been taking things slow in terms of going out, cutting myself some slack and also taking stock and enjoying the lil successes that I have in a day - keying my case notes, making phone calls, request for reports, writing reports...etc and the list goes on.... I tik rite now, I am taking pride in the lil' things I have done... Too much rushing aint that good either... Sometimes when u rush, u lose sight of the process and the end that you've envisioned in sight ... is just going to be that... a vision.... (wah ok very chim)

I finally completed the book - The Measure of a Man - a spiritual autobiography by Sidney Poitier... I must say that the book really speak to me... from his belief that things could be better in his younger days, his strong sense of passion and how he describes that he also has a fear of failure.... Aren't we all then a contradiction... Or at least I am... Sometimes I ask myself, How can I be filled with so much faith in myself and yet consumed with self-doubt at the same time...

Sometimes I do feel that I am so afraid of letting down the hopes that people have in me and also the positive thoughts that some people in the office have of me... when people say, oh... I want to train u... or oh I see that you can go far... It really ignites the spirit... But at the same time, I do feel as if I am living up to something... and that...I do not like... For I've always believed that it is more important to judge yourself with your own yardstick... and continue to improve oneself every single day.. But oh well... I am human and am a sucker for praises....

K.... It's now 6.42 am... Goin to prepare to go to work soon.... Leaving good powerful quotes from the book I've just finished reading.... and I take pleasure form this 2 quotes - as it reminds me of what I am - HUMAN

" We're all of us a little greedy. (Some of us are plenty greedy). We're all somewhat courageous, and we're all considerably cowardly. We're all imperfect, and life is simply a perpetual, unending struggle against those imperfections."

"... I'm responsible for not what happens but for what I make of it. It's up to me to take my own measure, to claim what's real, to answer for myself."

~ Beautiful??!! Go read the book many more good quotes... And may today be a better day as I make good the opportunities given to me as I continue in my journey to improve myself. God Willing :)


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Fad said...

Sounds interesting. Will try to read it. I remember seeing him on Oprah before. He left an impression.