Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Social Life

It has been some time since I took time out and spent time laughing and talking and almost crying with friends... Really enjoyed my dinner with the girls (Nornie, Arfah and Doreen) laughed and laughed at each other's antics and especially at Nornie's boyfriend.. Sweet sak... they were at the same place but must call each other using hp.. Ish Ish Ish.. haha and Nornie obviously had to go and "bake her cake" in the middle of the dinner... haha.. (wonder if she will kill me after reading this post).. Oh well.. all in all it was fun... we were even treating it like our own mini karoake.. Can't blame us.. the song's were all sappy love songs (oh i cant have him anymore, or oh my heart broke kinda songs) and oh oh.. how can I forget the YOU LIFT ME UP... goodness.. now the song will always make me laugh -> all thanks to Arfah, yea yea... the sweat marks under the pitts...

I had a very good "reflection" moment with Doreen in the car ride... I really needed that... Been a long time since a friend's touching words brought tears to my eyes... Thanks gurl... and the words she said really really touched me.. But I was laughing when she pointed out how I can be a totally blur person and "leave debris behind me".. <- that's a very true observation.. And at the end of the day, I feel blessed for having good friends. Friends who love me as much as I love them, if not more... and I feel more blessed knowing that I will meet them on 18 dec again.... Eh to those friends I forgot to invite...cos' I only told a few (in case my leave doesn't get approved).. Having a get together on 18 dec.. jom... why? so I can spend the day with people I love!!!

Well, tonight, I screwed my work and am going to sleep with a good and happy light heart. Knowing that I have good friends. MUACHIES..

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readerwhohatspittstains said...

good times! love!