Tuesday, July 31, 2007

U can't control other ppl, Only urself

"you can't control other people, only yourself"!!! How many times have we heard the line... I've realised that it is so hard to control yourself when the situation is not a perfect one.. or when the situation is not what you expected it to be... You are left grinting your teeth and you whine and grine and whine about how unperfect the situation is... Well, what I can say is that some amount of whining is alright and even therapeutic as it enables the negative to get out of one's system... However, too much of it will just leave one incapacitated...

I've had a very enlightening talk with someone I will not consider a friend.. She forced me to think of an alternative way of thinking about the situation... and while it is quite tough to swallow, it does have some element of realism and truth in it...

I have to calm down and realise that I cannot control the emotions of that person... I cannot control how that person react to me.. I can control my professionalism and how I react to that person..

Tommorrow is another day... With a new day, comes new opportunities

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