Friday, June 08, 2007


It has been such a long time since I felt this sense of calmness and contentment... I truly haven had this for a long period of time.. As I am writing this, I am midway on my leave... some more days to go and I told myself that I will try my best to enjoy it, God Willing.

Talking to Doreen before the other girls came was reali insightful.. and I tik it is true.. Ultimately, this is my first ever real job.. yesh I did relief teaching and all.. but at the end of the day this is my FIRST EAVER real job... and it is tough.. the world out there is different.. and I think I have been blessed... @ the end of the day, it could have been worst..

I was pondering jus now and I realised that I ain't proud of how I handled some stuff.. truly I haven.. But I do feel as if I had made things rite before I left...In my own way I felt I have, even if the person or other people did not think I have... I did something which I did not want to do, contribute to the office gossip, instead of jus shutting my trap.. and I feel tat in some ways, I have hurt some people... Life at the end of the day is an extremely reciprocal thing.. sometimes you do not get what you want and you are not dealt with the best of cards, but ultimately it is about how you react to the situation that will make it different, or will change the outcome...

I am a lil bit ashamed of myself.. I dunno, and I fear and I really hope not.. things which I confided in certain people in the office, remain where they are... But I have come to realised that walls have ears and people have bigger mouths... But whatever I have done, as one of my fren put it, is done, it is out there, what I can control are things which I haven't done.... and that, I am determined to control and set right..

I am very lucky that there are people in the office who looks out for me... I haven been perfect, and there were times I know I have thrown my weight around and acted all spoilt.. But they still came around, and for that I am lucky.. If they did not like me, I would and could be miserable, so I am counting my blessing...

I realised during this holiday, that it is so important to focus on myself, me..I... and I haven't done that.. It is also important to surround yourself with people who love you and whom you love.. My friends are truly wonderful ... I haven't been around much for them, and yet, when I am free, they are around, and we always have a blast.. for that I cannot be more than thankful for.. :)

I have embarked on a project... it's a lil exciting for myself...Shhhhhhh...Details in a month's time

I have decided that I can't truly fault people around, I have got to be an adult, a professional and I can't expect to be dealt with a perfect set of cards... But what I can do, is as much as humanely possible, react to them as perfectly and as wonderfully as I can..

For the rest of my hols, I am going to enjoy myself@!!!!

Btw, I am broke... haha cos' I bought, I, me... bought my first ever DIOR bag.. oh ... I am sooo in love with it... It truly is my highest peak of retail therapy... Many thanks to Noni who followed me around.... she must have gotten bored with my repeated questioning!!! BUT LOVE U NONI.. and love my bag too!!!!

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