Monday, May 28, 2007

Loving Myself

Finally spent some quality time with my dear GURU...Ms Arafah.. I have made a decision.. Yup, the need to be healthy.. I need to love myself more.. and what best to put my new resolution in motion... RETAIL THERAPY... I've never bought myself a diamond ring.. So, I told myself, I am sooo going to get myself a diamond ring soon... (when I have cash to spare) to remind myself that I am married to myself, I need to love myself more... hahah until I find someone who loves me more than I love myself.. But at this point I doubt that person exist.. till then, I shall love myself, do my best and treat myself well... Yup yup... WATI IS BACK! :) No more mopping arnd.. hahhaa @ least not till tommorrow.


nurarafah said...

that will be MISS arafah. hahaaaaa! yes babe. see u again soon!

nurarafah said...

are u still gonna be mo
PPing ard. my lantai berabuk ah. and for the next post, all the best for your project yar!