Friday, May 04, 2007

Nuff said

Haven been reli thankful for what I have.. Why? Well minor probs here and there lah.. But I guess it's my expectations or idealism...

Basically.. things aren't that bad.. So much things to do.. I've asked for leave in June 07 but the big bosses haven got back to me.. I think I need short breaks thro out the year to keep my sanity and prevent from burn out..

Anyways.. I can't be an ostrich in this job.. Still learning.. Forever will be learning.. I guess I take myself too seriously.. N could be expecting too much of people.. Need to reflect.. Everyone got 24 hrs and 2 hands and 2 feet.. I can't expect too much.. Need to be realistic.. Root word... REALISTIC... hahha

So yea.. nuff said.. life ain't that bad.. and It's a hard lesson I need to learn.. Sometimes it is enuf when things are OK. or ... things could be worst!!

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