Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Utterly Rubbish

I sit wide awake rite now, and I find that it is UTTERLY rubbish.. I have been having horrid jolt-me awake nights since Sunday... I really think that it is cos' I am starting work on 13 June 2007, a Wed... and before I wrote my tots down on my blog, the amount of work I have to catch up with is flashing through my mind..I am getting nostalgic by the fact that I can't catch afternoon tvs no more or laze on my 2nd floor, with air con blasting, cold water in my hand, and then play with my bro! oh goodness! I reali dun know why but I am gettin nostalgic over the lil' things, like sleepin in, like watching tons of MTV, like going out with my friends.. I think I just had such a blast this hols... a real blast that I can't bear to give it up... But I find my inability to sleep utterly ridiculous... Or am I just SOOO well rested that I cannot sleep? Oh goodness.. I must really thank my friends for making my hols oh so fun... I have managed to see all of my friends but one, and spent some quality (tho' short) time playing with my brother... I do pity him and I realised that he feels lonely... But can't be so enmeshed also cos' I got my own stuff to do... Haiya how I wished I was superwoman and I have the energy to do millions and kazillions of stuff... and I have more than 24 hrs.. But I don't and all I can do is to do the best with what I've got! Pheeweh... @ least it is out of my system!

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