Monday, April 09, 2007


This entry is totally goin to be totally random.. speaks a whole lot to my state of consciousness at this juncture.. Supposed to be writing a report. BUT, I just can't concentrate so why bother right.. well I ain't got a choice.. report ain't that hard lah.. but I realised there is a lot of information that I am missing at this point. not that it is bad.. I got the basic stuff I need lah..

BUt I need to feel more relaxed then it would flow out more nicely.. Dunno.. I just do not feel happy when the standard of work I give is not up to par.. It sucks when the person you are fighting with is yourself..

Lately, I've noticed that I have done things which I really regret after doing it.. the things I have said to people (which I think are mean) and the things I do.. I really hope that at the end of the day, I would be able to hold on to my integrity, my passion for life and my idealism.. Increasingly, I realised that it is getting harder and harder.. Life ain't bad for me.. But perhaps I've had it too good?? I still am trying to just smile.. and smile.. But work is tough.. the cases are getting tougher at times and I find myself being tired ...

Can't really share difficulties with my family cos my parents are the type who would tell me to grit my teeth and just fight on.. "how else you think we got here" blah blah blah.. yeah you get my drift.. thankful for the friends whom have provided me with so much support.. Right now, I am feeling so much better.. was worst for wear 2 wks ago.. very very grateful that my friend yat agreed to meet me last minute, cheered me up and could really understand and provided me with positive reframing of what I otherwise thought was a sucky- of the suckiest situation!

Seriously, I would like to know how my bosses are thinking about my work.. I did not have my 6 mth review which ppl in my office had.. I do hope to have my 1 yr review.. It's like a compass.. a map.. and for me.. to know where I am going and the path that I had walked..

But I have been feeling reali tired recently, and not rested.. hope this will pass.. reli hope this will pass!!!

Can't wait for 21 Apr 2007 ----- I miss my GURLS!!!!!!!! ANDREA, ARFAH, NORNIE,LINDA!!! here I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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EDLEEN said...

For some reason, firdawati... i dont thk ur changing into somebody else or lost urself during this stage of life. i thk, reli thk, u have actually found urself. your true self.. mayb, all this while, during OUR TIMES, you were probably wat u NEED to be or wat ur parents wants u to be. To hold on to their integrity, their passion for life and their idealism. MAYBE. mayb the changes in life now and the life u work with is letting your REAL self, the one that i see in you, to surface.