Thursday, April 12, 2007


feeling super blank now.. i've been working for like 16 hrs shift.. that it is irritating the living hells out of me... I hate it... I missing out for so much.. and sometimes I feel so urrgh.. but I do enjoy some bits of it at times..

well.. now i am jus blank and tot of putting in ramdom tots on my blog.

wld be nice to have a massage right now. shoulder cramp.. similar cramp i had when i was in jc.. and later in hons year.. so i know that i am working blardy hard..

being rudder to ppl now.. glad that people have been extra forgiving towards me. very blessed for tat. people going out of their way to help me also.

tired, cramped, piece of shit.. blank random tots.. i jus wana sleep and sleep.. i miss sleeping.. i reli jus miss chiling and sleeping

and my shoulder is cramped. my head feels heavy. wanna cut my hair. enuf randomness

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