Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My new clean room!!

Yesh!! A sense of accomplishment.. I finally cleaned up my room.. put things in drawers and re-arranged the furnitures.. Its amazing I tell u!!
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I put all my drawers together and arranged them from the tallest to the shortest.. Neat huh?? So proud of myself! And there is a sort of design to it some more!! Wow!
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And space! Finally after I put all the clutter away, and moved my bed against the wall, there is walking space in my room.. Re arranging your room and having walking space is amaing I tell you.. Its like a wall has been hacked. Physically and mentally it feels so much better!

And look..no more clutter on the floor!! See Arfah next time you come you don't have to trip and tip toe around my stuff hahhaa...
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No..I am not narcassistic to put the same picture 2 times but Arfah said that I should give credit where credit is due.. So here it goes..THis is me, with Arfah's teddy bear, given my Andrea. It's name is Pon.. (hahha happy now Arfah?! and yup it looks cute) Why did I take a picture with the bear instead of her? Well I tried to..She didn't want to..Killing time and saw her bear on her bed so I decided to take picture with it instead!!