Sunday, January 08, 2006

And the anxiousness starts to creep in..

Waduh Waduh!! Was printing all the outlines for my modules since classes start tommorrow..and looking at the amount of readings and the work requirements for each, wah!! can faint!! (Spin around, hand on forehead...spin around again.. scream ..arrrgghh....and then fall down gracefully!!) hahha ok lah nonsense a bit.. But yeah the point is..That is a lot of work man.. Haiya kinda regretting the fact that I did an extra module for PS which I could have done for SW.. But since this is the new year, and I want to look at things on a positive side.. shall smile, smile, and then try to do the work as best as I can..

and the rain is brilliant huh...(not when you are caught in it) But rain makes the temperatures drop and prevents make-up from being oily..


Mushi said...

Mwahahaha! Mon and wed are my free days so i officially start on thurs! I dun share ur panic'll creep in im sure..gud luck fer the new sem!! Ciayou!

Azeanni said...

Hey gal,

Fret not ya. We'll sail through together for the modules we take together. Cheers to our last sem as "notes buddy". :)

Wati said...

Wah Mushi..good lah u got good timetable.. I DUN EVEN HAVE A PROPER ONE YET!! still wrestling (aka appealing) with the stupid CORS system!

Yup Az, we shall battle the notes.. lets waltz to our last semester in style (or later coming to the end of sem, the lack of it!)

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