Monday, June 09, 2008

9 jun 2008 - 1st post?

I feel like crap right now. Right now at this point in time. I am once again going through the volatility of my emotions. It sucks. I am burnt. I have called those I wanted to go out and they happen to be busy. Now I am just thinking if I should have at 5pm settled on watching the movie. But at 5pm, I was just feeling more crap cos I was nursing a headache. Just called my last soul. If that doesn't work out ... then I guess it just doesn't. Maybe I will feel better later. MAYBE.

Note: Not the fault of my friends either. Everything so last minute. They have had to bear with my ramblings and down moods for a pretty long time. I ain't good with disclosing I am low not to people I don't know and trust.

Perhaps later I will check in on my emotions.

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