Wednesday, February 21, 2007

You don't need to find a job you love...

I lurrvve the entry in MInd yOur body... Tot I sld post is as a reinforcement to myself!

- Technically... You DO NOT have to find a job you love.. you can learn to love your job.
- And at the end of the day, it is one's level of optimism and quality of relationships which have a bigger impact on one's happiness than one's job!!

- What is level of optimism? How we think at the very core.
- Therefore, being happy comes from the way we think at our very core - and that thinking shapes the work we do - not the other way round...

- and, rationalising behaviour - actually creates genuine happiness in a job...

- It serves to reinforce my mostest favourite therapy - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
in sum:: The way I THINK, Affect the way I FEEL, and therefore the way I

- Though I got TONS to do tommorrow, shall do it with an open mind.. and just get on with it.. Insya Allah... :)

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