Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sad Life Story

"Sad Life Story" ... Tat is how I describe things that do not go my way currently... and usually it is meant toungue in cheeck...

So how do I describe my life so far?? Well let's just say I am trying to learn what is necessary, find my resilience and better cope with the situation... I think in a way this job is making me grow up faster, be less naive and yet, when I realise the good things that have come and the positive changes I have made.. it serves to reinforce that all things are possible..

Real thankful for the break from office till Wed 21 Feb 2007.. tho' I brought back paperwork and report to do.. not complaining so much about that.. Need to be more productive at work, so as to prevent myself bringing work back home.. I can do it!!

Looking forward to see the JJ people soon!!! :)

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