Monday, January 01, 2007

Year 2006

Everytime I think about yr 2006, I feel that I've not accomplished anything yet.. Dunno why... But then, when I reli started to think about what I had done this year...I realised that I had done so much that it just did not seem enough... An oxymoron??

First up, I graduated from UNI!!! Finally!!! And I managed it with the class of honours I wanted.. (not what I aimed for lah when I entered) but what I tot I cld work for when I looked at it realisticaly.. Alhamdulilah..

Second, I graduated Uni making new real frens, frens who have reali been there for me..and whom I feel I've known for eons... SHout out to Liling and Jianting especially..But I truly feel that the social work bunch are great..Truly.... Nick, Yat, Blessed....To leave an experience with new friendship! :)

Third, I did not really have to try very hard to get the job that I wanted... And I realy think I haven't counted my blessings..SOmetimes, I do tend to take it for granted...

Fourth, I have stayed on my job for 6 months...I can still remember the first day where I wanted to cry and talked to Mushi at night..She realli calmed down my nerves..Thanks Mushi.. I love you so much girl..I feel that our friendship has really grown over the years..

Six, I have managed to stay in touch with my close frens, ...Arfah, Noni, Arafah, Edleen, Nd, Linda... I always feel so blessed to have good friends around.

Seven, I have managed to contribute to my family, and am spending quality time with them.

Eight, I realised, only very recently..that I will and shall not contact "him" anymore.. No more hard feelings... That was a chapter in my life... Both good times and bad..I shall carry the experience with me and make sure that I do better in my next relationship. Goodness..that realisation make you feel so free!! :)

Nine, even despite going into the real world, I still I still hold on to the belief that "there is goodness in everyone"...

...So 2006 was a fruitful year afterall....
...What's for 2007? I don't know yet... I shall come up with goals, and clear objectives..
...What I do know, Is that I wanna LIVE..and enjoy the everyday! :)

To everyone who have entered my life, one way or another, be it good or bad, thank you... the experience have made me who I am...May everyone have a wonderful 2007!

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