Tuesday, June 27, 2006

2 Weeks of Work ~ and 3 is coming soon

I can't believe it..really can't belive it.. Time has passed by soooo fast.. I remembered the 1st day.. i was feeling rather apprehensive..new milestone what rite.. so thankful that Edleen talked to me and pscyh me up for an hour..a whole hour you know..and she was at work too herself...then I got home.. and I dunno why but I felt like crying..dunno why also.. so yeah..called Mushi..who gave me a prep talk.. wonderful.. I got the I can do it.. Perhaps it was cos I was alone.. it was a new place..dunno huh.. Then on wednesday.. I met my darlings from social work.. Best fren and Liling..in Toa Payoh..who further psych me up.. telling me that they have faith in me.. I just feel so lucky..so so lucky.. I got wonderful frens who are jus there..Not forgetting the many frens who sms me telling me to have a great day.. to enjoy my new working experience..and that they have faith in my capabilities..thanks yeah..Arfah, Andrea, Nornie, Arafah..etc..

And so.. time has passed by so so fast.. And I am kinda getting used to the whole idea of work.. it's different from studying..but it is fun in it's own right..

Btw..I got my graduation gown already.. so nice..exciting man.. haiz..can't wait!!! Rite now.. I am really blessed..Life is alright..It's just perfect..with only minor irritations along the way... as the McDonalds commercial would say..."I'm Loving It!"