Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I realised

I realised that when one looks at a world in a particular tinted lense.. the rest of the world cannot change the way they perceive things... I know that everyone of us have our own tinted lenses by which we view the world... It's just human nature...I really hope that even with my particular tinted lense..I will be able to treat people rather fairly...I will not be so blind..and I can just fair.. Today..I have witnessed how someone, can just be somewhere..words saying something else and yet feeling something else..Incongruency as counselling would call it.. But from my part..It doesn't really feel particularly be the one there and yet.. the other person keep on asking and asking for someone else.. Seriously...I can't even imagine how it was or is for my mum and aunts for that matter... humm... On a side note, I realised I am so blessed.. I am very thankful...Thanks for the kind words of dear friends..

Gotto do some stuff now!!

Ps/ Andrea I think it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO brave of you to go dentist coming from a girl who sorta cried in the dentist chair.. I was 22 mind you!! But I don't are scary!!


andeeee said...

thanks wadi..i hate dentists! they are scary..

And clowns. God i hate clowns.

Linda said...

Eh Andrea, you hate clowns? How do you face yourself in the mornings?
Oh wait, highly intoxicated.

Wati said...

wah... Linda Mean!!!

andeeeee said...

the same way i meet u all the time, linda :)

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