Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I think I am mad!!!!!!

hahahah okok this is realli insane.. So here I am reading a book "Successful writing for qualitative researchers" by Peter Woods to get some idea on how to write up my ISM part.. I mean I dun realli have an idea cos previously I have always done quantitative research and single-subject group design (very the deng!! rite to try something new)... hahahaa

So anyway.. this guy very farnie lah.. I lurrve his quotes... wakkakaa

I think all writers of prose live in a state of induced insanity (J.G. Ballard)

I think I'm either frighteningly sane or incorrigibly mad (Iain Banks)

I can't thin kof any great writers who are sane (Phyllis Naggy)

and he goes on to say... "If we are to be successful writers, it seems we must be prepared to be a little insane"......

So am I going to be a successful write????? I am seriously a little insane now... hahahha


Linda said...

im a writer. im not insane. but then again.. im usually intoxicated.

onawhim said...

hahahaa Linda Good one!! hahaha well intoxication is not a solution for me.. so my deranged state of mind wld suffice for me!

Anonymous said...

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