Monday, March 27, 2006


Bllarrghh!!! Yeah that is how I am feeling rite now. I am (*)#$)$( wasting my time rite now.. I have been.. doing stupid useless stuff.... I hate the fact that the papers I am handing up are not to my expectations.. Hate the fact that I didn't put in my best effort and hate the fact that I know all this and yet not doing something proactive about it.. What the blarrrddyy crap rite.. Shit lah.. I seriously think I have had enuf of the whole schooling life.. seriously.. I realli miss secondary school.. times when i didnt need to study.. since A levels till now.. I feel like a hamster running on the wheel which never stop.. Well.. as much as I have had good times.. I am really ready to go and look for new adventure and new stuff to keep me interested... hahahha and this is really off... but maybe falling in love or developing a crush will keep me interested in work.. if only i didnt put so much grey matter into developing a crush then any A,B,C will do.. wakakka okok I have vented enuf..and I feel like a mad woman.. and it's a wonder how rite now I feel like going back to my work.

And dear Arafah.. I love you lots.. And I appreciate how you can still think of me and get me a book so useful for me even though you got so much other issues to deal with in your life..

Oh yeah.. and I learnt that there are many different types of friends.. there are some ppl I am forcing myself to think only as 'happy' frens.. seriously.. they can't be bothered and they pretend to be bothered.. Peh!!! Harlow!!! Pe-gi-la!!