Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mid Jan 2008

and so pay day is coming. But I am not so happy or jumpy.. am I appreciative of the raise? Yesh of course. But is the work really worth it? I don't know. It is getting to me that I am not giving quality to my work. Shall use sat to look through all my case files and think of what I am supposed to do. Sigh!

I am tired. I dunno why but I am tired. T I R E D. Can't seem to get out of this mode. Anything else is transitory. Am I burnt out? Dunno. But I am just very T I R E D ! ! !

Am I happy at times? Of course. Do I enjoy some parts of my job? Of course. But is this all life is about? Can't one be happy at A L L times?

Ok it is 3.16 am and I got to get to work in 5 hrs time. Shit!

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