Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rainy Wed

I reali feel that I am not taking good care of myself... very poor self-care I must say and I am tempted ever so often to be an ostrich... and I do feel that it shows in my work. Even my AM was asking me how I was doing a report as she felt that I have written better reports before.. Wic is true because I was damn tired doing it and I just wanted it to be done and over with...

Suddenly there is just so so much to do... It's crazy... But I really must learn how to deal with it because I do feel I am coming to full load... if not now super super soon... and at the end of the day, must remember that it is all for the best interest of the children!!!

And how do I know that I am getting too tired? I get very irritated with my clients and have caught myself yelling at them and being unprofessional at times. I also get very short tempered, both at work and also with my clients.. and I got to catch myself and stop myself...

I need to relax... Focus, and realise that I am human, but I need to do the best I can.. Tenacity..
Insya Allah

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