Saturday, March 17, 2007

state of blankness

this post is going to be so random.. all the thoughts going thro my head right now..

thankful for friends who have helped to give me instructions while I faced trouble at work.. LEarning how to be an adult and a professional.. I din know that it was so hard to be an adult.. It sucks.. The world is not how I tik it should be.. I am learning how to be a realist...

Trying to spend enough time with work friends, in activties and be more efficient.. also spent the entire Sat with my family.. Very tired.. Jus realised that I might have cut myself too thin.. So tired that I find it hard to drag my fat bum..

Feeling irritated about my weight and the fact that I can't fit into so many of my clothes rite now.. Damn broke already.. and it is so long till my next pay day.. Something is wrong with the way I manage my finances..

Loving singlehood and my life right now.. But feeling like I wanna belong to someone..

K enough said.. Feel so much better now

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