Friday, March 02, 2007


Feeling quite bad rite now.. cos I was very rude to my manager jus now... I stormed into a meeting that she was having with the other heads just to ensure that she follows me for a case discussion. Haiya.. one of my collegue said that I looked as if I was throwing a temper tantrum.. shit.. So unlike me... my assessment of the situation?

I did not carry myself very well.. I should have not done what I had done because it was not professional.. Shit.. Why did I do it? Seems that everytime I am stressed I would regress and really act all immature.. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME??!!!!! I think I must have internalised my stress that is why.. On the surface it seems like I am alright but actually I am not.. sigh! Deep sigh! Am I just thinking too much? My collegue was telling me that I am lucky that people in the office do like me.. cos' if another person had thrown that temper tantrum the entire office sure to have made it a big issue...

ANNNDDD... not only was I throwing a temper tantrum.. I was rude and cranky tau!!! What is wrong with me?? SOMEBODY SAVE ME!!!

So what did I do? I messaged my manager.. apologising to her about the fact that I tot I was rude.. Bluurrghh that is all I can do right?!

Signing out... SOmeone SLAP ME!

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