Saturday, November 18, 2006

Light at the end of the tunnel

Friday, 17 Nov 2006... was a real real surprised shocking day for me.. It was the day I cried and I mean really really cried in front of my Assistant Director, Manager and Assistant Manager.. I tik it shocked people outside the room.... My court case went soo wrong... But I was so glad that my management really came through for me.. they allowed me to vent... gave me the half day off and told me and reiterated that the decision was not mine alone... SO many more encouraging words from them...

I was so stressed today... of where to go ahead from Friday... I made the hard decision of calling the client's aunt.. and I am glad I did.. I tik things work in many different ways.. and all I can say is that the help the person should have received..the person is finally receiving..

Slowly.. after riding this huge hump... I think I have grown... And I am extremely glad for the support of the management.. because I think people not in the job would not be able to understand the nature of the job, however they try to be supportive..

Right now, I am just trying very hard to remain and be as good a worker as I can.. and holding on to the belief "There is a Light at the end of the tunnel"...

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