Friday, May 26, 2006

Very Blessed

I am thankful. Feeling realli blessed rite now... Seriously. Results are out today... Fought tooth and nail.. studied so hard and gave my all studying. Alhamdulilah.. managed to raise my cap..enough to get me the class of honours I want. I am real thankful.

I learnt so much this semester..I learnt to let go of something that failed.. I learnt what true friendship is.. I made new friends...I got closer to Mushi in one semester knowing so much more about her on a deeper level in one sem than I had did in all the previous years I had knew her combined (loves that babe)... Love you Arafah for forcing me to go to the job interview.. always motivating me even when you got your own issues to handle.. I got in touch with myself again.. stopped blaming.. and realising there ain't any point in blaming..the person moved on..and so should I....I love studyin till late nite with MUSHI, YANI...and Oyeah who COP me place in library... A fren who told me to have faith and believe in my own capabilities..another .. now a best fren in social work telling me to "mai kia" whenever I am a kancheong spider!

I love the fact that life is just beginning... In a way, there is a tinge of regret for missed opportunities..But i believe that everything happens for a reason..It could be worst..I am on a high right now.. I am seeing the world in terms of opportunities and possibilities. Alhamdulilah...


Mushi said...

I dunno why Im awake so early when there's no more school! haha. Anyway babe...blessed is the rite word indeed. Im really hepi for you, and for our friendship. Thanks for the shoulder when i needed it. its not easy for me to share things with pple but I count u my confidant. Lets preserve this frdship as we move on to a new phase in life yeah!

Keep in touch!!!! :)

Wati said...

(kissies) Thanks soooo much for sharing my happiness and a much greater thanks for letting me share your problems and also considering me your confidant... Of course..Insya Allah...this friendship will only keep getting better!

mayang said...

You've come a long way gerl.. may your next journey in your new career bring you lots of happiness, satisfaction and blessed success, Insya'allah :) cya at convo!

- Murshidah

wati said... social work sista..thank u sooo much!!! Knowing you have been realli brilliant..Thanks for the faith as always and good wishes.. Insya Allah...Hopefully they will come true

arafah said...

oh no problem. aku rasa pon aku ada tersalah kasi direction tak. gaaaaaaaaah. congrats. meet up one day k!