Wednesday, May 31, 2006


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This entry is exclusively for my darling, true, good friend ARFAH!  Arfah my dear friend, I can't believe that you didn't think that I do not consider you as a true friend just because I didn't put your name up on my previous post of 'true friends'... My entries are all written on a whim..and since there are times when I tend to suffer from memory loss... Any subtractions should be taken with a pinch of salt...So for all and especially you to see... I do OF COURSE consider you as a true and good friend.. Harlow..You are the one I can rant, rant and rave to in any situations..and who allow me to make fun of your singing without taking offence!!! Best per..Mana Boleh Cari Seh Kawan Macam Gini!!

So yeah ARFAH...enjoy the post..Hope this makes your day..I got pictures of you, one from the back, front and side!! Amacam?? Made your day?? (KISSIES)


ANDREA, your other true, good friend! said...

wahhh....this is war.

Youre lucky i have a sense of humour, though.

great shots of Afa, hahaha!

wati said...

hahhahaa... Okies I tell u what.. I shall post entries of my good frens... Individual entries at that okies!! hahhahahha Now I know what they mean by everyone needs validation.. Eh arfah ask me to go and put down the should i??

Andrea your true, good , darling fren.. said...

no! her pics will become a collector's edition in a few years time, considering how its sooo hard to ever get a shot of her.