Saturday, November 19, 2005


**GREEN PUKE with ....**

Shall stop there.. Well that basically describes my Cs1105 exams. It was deceptively simple. Until u try to answer them that is. The mcq was (*&^$)%#@%*_)%$#$%UBHU%$guy%$^%..

Have u ever notice how friendship at 20 years old is different from teenage years. I just find 'friendship' at 20 years old to be one that is rather superficial (lack of a better word). We see one another, greet 'Hi!' with amazement, say 'How have you been?' and then 'Oh..ok catch up with you soon'! I think it will be ok if people say that and they actually catch up with you.. but they don't and the next time you see the same person, the same cycle repeats. Or what about how people just don't make time for communication anymore.. Like finding out how the other person is, by calling even if its 10 minutes, or even sms to find out if they are ok. I think I have been guilty of this same crime to 'some people' and for others, I think I have been the one calling or smsing far too much (sounds like I am whining!! ahahha) But yeah it' s just me thinking.

While I strive to give my best for whatever is left of this exams (I dun think I have.. have stocked up on red bull), shall still stive to do my best, make time, at least sms to keep in touch.. and for those who just cant be bothered.. well.. que sera sera...

"Never pursue a distancer" ... Bowenian Family Therapy
*though I might have just taken it out of context in this case..but its true.. No more fusion! Autonomy and independence and differentiation shall prevail!


I just love blogging.. see my mood changes from one of *green puke* to a happy toodles.. and now I just sound mad!

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