Saturday, November 12, 2005


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Nice? Its the only picture I could find in my handphone.. Taken during Raya.. Tis my cuz Nadira. She's onli in Sec 1!

Anyway..The few hrs of Raya was fun..went to grandma house.. met cousins and aunts. But got interrupted lah a few times... No pt talkin bout it.. over anyways..

Exams just around the corner.. Tryin to keep sane, remain relax, study as much as possible.. Just realised I can't concentrate at home. Been goin to school and stayin there till late.. Hope it all pays off..insyallah..

Came back home today.. nonKrong (Javanese for 'sat in front of') MTV..watched "I want a famous face"..Just left me wondering about how healthy this show is? I mean why do people wanna look similar like another person? And some of the girls are already naturally pretty I tell you..Like this girl who wanted to look like Jessica Simpson. Are we putting across the wrong message for other youths, considering the how powerful popular culture (MTV) is?? I think what many of these girls need is self-esteem boost. Seriously, I ain't all against plastic surgery. In some cases, I think its necessary, like burnt victims, babies with cleft.. but not for girls who already look so good.. Are we promoting superficial, cookie-cutter beauty??

Right..lets get back to work...